Andrew Cuomo issues farewell with attacks on sexual harassment probe and political rivals

Facing the prospect of being the first New York governor to be impeached in more than a century, Cuomo announced plans to resign on August 10. His deputy, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, will be sworn-in as his replacement early Tuesday morning.

In his final public remarks as governor, Cuomo touted some of his big-ticket accomplishments, including a series of infrastructure projects and passing marriage equality. But he mostly used the stage in an effort to cast doubt on the detailed report that ultimately made his position untenable and offer one last round of criticisms against the progressive Democrats who fought him on policy during his decade in office. The outgoing governor also blamed the media for its reporting on the allegations against him, suggesting reporters had been too quick to accept the results of the probe, which Cuomo and his team have sought to chip away at, without much success, since its release earlier this month.

“A firecracker can start a…

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