Analysts: ‘Pandora Papers’ revelations will make Brazil’s already precarious economy even more unstable


Last week, more than a thousand housing activists marched in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, and occupied the entrance to the country’s Finance Ministry.

Videos of the protest show a sea of people wearing red-and-yellow shirts with insignias signaling their housing movements and chanting before a row of military police. It was one of several related protests last week.

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In Brazil, the revelations from the “Pandora Papers” — a trove of leaked documents that have exposed offshore accounts of the rich and powerful — have rattled the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, with calls for the resignation of some of his top officials.

That includes Finance Minister Paulo Guedes, who, with his family, was shown to be holding $9.55 million in offshore accounts in the British Virgin Islands.

Some people blame him…

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