Analysis: Why Biden will end the final mission in Afghanistan in just 7 days


“We are a step closer to truly investing in the American people, positioning our economy for long term growth and building an America that outcompetes the rest of the world,” Biden said.

But Biden was making clear that despite an exit likely to trap thousands of Afghans eligible for passage to the US under brutal Taliban rule, along with — potentially — some Americans, he believes the priorities of Americans and his own political prospects are ultimately elsewhere.

This will infuriate and dismay political opponents, veterans, intelligence professionals and others who believe America is breaking a sacred promise of a safe haven to many Afghan translators and others who saved American lives over a 20-year war and who seem unlikely to be able to leave before the US forces do.

But it is in line with Biden’s calculation of US national interests that underpins his foreign policy and his reading of the national mood amid a fierce pandemic, lingering economic…

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