Analysis: White-collar staff calling shots as job markets recover

  • Many staff clung to jobs though COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Labour shortages now creating options for skilled staff
  • Post-lockdown resignation intentions on the rise
  • Most sought-after perk is flexible working
  • Others include pushbikes, sign-on bonuses

PRAGUE, Aug 19 (Reuters) – Having hunkered down at home and clung on to his job through the 2020 lockdowns, Dutch IT worker Benito Castillion is now on the hunt for a career-enhancing move – and it’s a shift of perspective he shares with millions of white-collar staff worldwide.

Based in Prague, the 46-year-old had updated his LinkedIn profile and started attending virtual job fairs.

“If the pay is right and there is a good opportunity to switch jobs I’d be willing to take the risk,” he told Reuters. “Now I see companies are willing to pay a bit more. That is important now.”

That mindset is driving what one U.S. management professor has dubbed the “Great Resignation” and a U.S. recruiter the biggest movement of human…

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