Analysis: When Erdogan’s Turkish economic miracle began failing

  • Election test set for 2023, Turkish Republic’s centenary
  • The year 2013 marked turnaround after a decade of gains
  • Measures of equality, prosperity, employment headed down
  • President’s voter base underpinned by health and other gains

ISTANBUL, July 15 (Reuters) – Five years after President Tayyip Erdogan saw off a coup, his chances of extending his rule into a third decade may depend on whether he can reverse an economic decline that has seen Turks’ prosperity, equality and employment fall since 2013.

Erdogan faces elections in 2023 – the Turkish Republic’s centenary. Polls suggest his support has slipped following a currency crisis, a sharp recession and the coronavirus pandemic in the last three years.

Some show the ruling coalition trailing an informal opposition alliance, even as Erdogan’s AK Party (AKP) remains popular, with a strong base among rural and working class conservatives.

This year, economic growth has shot back up after Turkey was one of only a…

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