ANALYSIS – Fundamentalist Jewish terror in Palestine dates back more than a century

[ The writer is the director of Duzce University’s Middle East and African Studies Center (ORAFMER) ]


Violence against civilians in Palestine has been continuing uninterruptedly for over a century. The problem of violence that Palestinians have faced for so long is also unique in this regard. There are few other examples in the world that compare to Israel’s violence against Palestinians; in fact, it is one of the few that has lasted more than a century. On a global and regional scale, world politics has changed dramatically in the last century; great wars have occurred; regimes and country borders have shifted; technology has advanced; the space age has begun; but Israeli violence against Palestinians has remained unchanged. The persecution of the Palestinians began way before the state of Israel was established. Conflicts arose early in the process between local Palestinians and Jews who had immigrated to these lands,…

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