AMC, Big Movie Chain is More Than Meme Stocks For Real Estate Bond Investors


“There is no special place. I always wanted to go there,” he said. Gene Wilder Character A movie in Mel Brooks’ 1979 parody western “Blazing Saddles” NPR credit We have set the “gold standard” for interracial buddy comedy and “racism and the best jabs in Hollywood”.

As more Americans break out of the blockade — and the Westerners try to escape Extremely high temperature — The appeal of going anywhere has deepened, rather than being “special anywhere”. But do you get together in the cinema with strangers? Fixed income investors in commercial real estate weren’t always excited about the large, box-shaped setups of these buildings, even before the pandemic.

“Generally speaking, I didn’t like cinemas,” said Dave Goodson, head of securitization investment at Boya Investment Management, thinking about what modifications would be needed to attract them. Even before, he added that maintenance costs could be high. Another type…

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