Alleged Saucy Santana Sex Tape Leaks, Saucy Denies; Twitter Reacts


Saucy Santana is currently saucing up the internet, and this time, it’s not for his Caresha, please antics, viral song challenges, or classic one-liners.

Earlier today, the “Walk” rapper became the trending topic of social media after a spicy video circulated throughout everyone’s timelines and left us all speechless.

The talked-about clip seemingly shows Santana having a moment of intimacy with an unidentified participant, and let’s just say, things definitely got a little too heated.

However, following the Saucy Santana sex tape leakage, he went live on Instagram and denied all claims of his involvement. He stated that he has a tattoo on his thigh, later assuring that the individual caught on camera wasn’t him.

“I know y’all probably would like to have thought that it was Santana, and that probably would’ve been a thing if it was Santana, but it’s not Santana,” he…

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