Alleged grifters scam disabled Pattaya woman of 10 million baht

Crime Suppression officers arrested Warangkana Sangprateep and Kamol Chompunuch at their house in Nonthaburi.

Police arrested a pair of alleged grifters accused of preying on disabled Pattaya residents.

Warangkana Sangprateep, 38, and Kamol Chompunuch, 40, were captured Nov. 13 outside their home in Nonthaburi’s Buathong District.

According to an arrest warrant from the Pattaya Provincial Court, the pair befriended a disabled woman who lived alone in Pattaya, helping with her daily routine. After a while they moved in together, with the pair providing help for more than two years.

During that time, the suspects allegedly convinced the victim to invest a total million baht in a lottery-ticket business and schemes purported to offer high returns.

The couple confessed, saying they used the money to buy a house, a car, and pay for daily expenses.

But when the woman asked for her promised payouts, the suspects made excuses and then moved out. The…

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