Alejandro Bastidas Is An Expert In The U.S. Financial Markets: Learn How He Is Sharing His Knowledge With His Program ATA FX 1.0


Alejandro Bastidas is a Venezuelan producer of concerts and public shows. He is also the director of GLAM magazine, and after he migrated to the United States, he became a successful trader and an expert in financial markets.

In Venezuela I started with the production of concerts and public shows, presenting artists such as Chino y Nacho, Alexis y Fido, Guaco, and Caramelos de Cianuro. Then I directed GLAM magazine with which I had about 15 print editions.” Alejandro shares.

GLAM magazine is a very important magazine in Venezuela. In 2011, it was the official magazine of the most important event in the country every year, the Miss Venezuela. Also that year, Alejandro was invited to be a juror in the beauty pageant. GLAM was also the official magazine of the 2012 Aruba Film Festival and the Aruba Fashion Week.

“Soon after, I was able to launch in Miami a version of the magazine, called UPPER GLAM. It had three print…

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