Albemarle unveils new catalyst technology


Albemarle Corp. has announced the addition of ACTION+ Catalyst Technology to the company’s cornerstone ACTION FCC Catalyst line following two successful commercial trials.

The company announced this new technology product during the 2021 AFPM Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana, US.

“Introduced in 2007, Albemarle’s ACTION Catalyst Technology has delivered best-in-class performance in butylene yield/selectivity and gasoline octane to refiners worldwide,” said Raphael Crawford, President, Catalysts. “Today’s introduction of ACTION+ catalyst technology builds off that strong history with next-generation butylene yields and gasoline octane.”

ACTION+ leverages the core technology of ACTION, the shape-selective ZT-400, in conjunction with ZT-500, a new, innovative, Y-zeolite stabilisation system. ZT-500 minimises hydrogen transfer reactions, providing maximum LPG olefinicity…

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