Agri businesses targeted in latest scam


Agri businesses are warned to be vigilant after a number of businesses have been targeted by scams that lost them thousands of euro.

The fraud involved an individual contacting he business to place an order of up to 80 rolls of silage wrap, which would equate to two pallets.

The value of the products equated to somewhere between €6,000 and €7,000.

Payment is made over the phone using a credit card and a courier picks up the goods.

While the seller received payment, they are later contacted by the bank to say the card used for payment was cloned and the money would be taken back leaving the seller down the cost of the goods.

An Garda Síochána say four businesses in Cavan have reported incidents of these fraudulent transactions in the last week. There have also been similar incidents in Laois, Roscommon and Donegal.

Gardaí in Cavan identified similar thefts in other counties that occurred last month. These thefts also used cloned…

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