After music, Detroit rockers find their encore: real estate


Aug. 7—For a while, Washtenaw County Realtor Tyler Stipe used to carry around business cards that referred to himself as the “Rockabilly Realtor.”

That’s because when you’ve spent years of your life trying to build a career as a rock star and then switch to real estate, naturally you try to mesh the two together.

Eventually, Stipe, who has been selling real estate since 2013, dropped the “Rockabilly” moniker. But that music background never leaves you. Stipe says the skills that served him as a musician — he’s still in a band to this day that occasionally performs — also help him in real estate.

“Having been on stage a lot — and stage presence — I think that helps as far as dealing with people and talking to people,” said Stipe, 35, who is with RE/MAX Platinum and based in Ann Arbor. “When I was younger, I was shy and timid. But being on stage, you can’t be.”

Stipe isn’t alone. Across Metro Detroit, a number of former musicians have made the…

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