After General Election, All Eyes Shift To NYC Council Speaker’s Race


Brannan Building A Base

Even with external forces attempting to steer the race a certain way, council members will ultimately be swayed by what speaker candidates are offering to the body. In some ways, each of the candidates’ pitches are remarkably the same: the council will need a leader best suited in pushing the city forward by helping their members shine across the city’s 51 districts.

“I think when the job is done right, the speaker shouldn’t be in the spotlight but behind the scenes,” Brannan, who has represented Brooklyn’s 43rd District, said.

Brannan appears to have adopted that strategy in his path to the speakership, building a broad coalition of labor unions and Democratic colleagues. His social media account has chronicled his support for new members of the incoming class, joining them on the campaign trail during the primary. Brannan made at least 15 official endorsements of council candidates in the primary, according to a…

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