After busy summer, Palm Beach real estate agents scramble to find listings


Who’s that knocking at the door? Who’s that ringing the bell? 

If you live in Palm Beach, it could very well be a real estate agent, asking if you would like to sell your home. 

Stories of actual door-knocking and doorbell-ringing are likely apocryphal — but there have been plenty of emails, phone calls and even snail-mail query letters sent to homeowners by agents grappling to secure listings in what has become a historically tight real estate market in the wake of months of gangbuster sales. 

And even though intense competition among buyers has sent prices soaring, many would-be sellers just aren’t taking the bait. 

“Where are they going to go?” asks agent Gary Pohrer of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, summing up the conundrum that is facing the island’s real estate community as the winter season dawns. 

Many people could easily part with their homes in the island’s rapid-fire market, Pohrer explains. But…

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