African Adoption of Cryptocurrencies –


If you read up on Bitcoin news , you will know Africa is swiftly experiencing a rapid economic revolution without the role of traditional centralized banks and finance policies. This silent crypto booming started shortly when most of the African country’s started to accept mobile money, Mpesa. Its monthly cryptocurrency transfers are about 55% over the past year, hitting a peak of $316 million in June of 2021.

While in the other parts of the world, cryptocurrencies are commonly used by financial traders but in terms of Africa, it is used in commerce mainly and Nigeria is leading the way in the adoption as it has the youngest population in the world which makes it a hotspot for digital finance. It comes at the second rank after the US in bitcoin trading, and this also predicts its future adaptability and potential investments by the people of this country. However, Africa also has its wanna-be bitcoin called Afro which is a…

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