Afghanistan is ‘weeks to months’ from economic collapse, experts say


Afghanistan’s economy is headed toward collapse without swift action from the international community, experts have warned. 

The country’s cash-based economy was struggling before the Taliban’s recent ascension, and the Islamic movement’s sudden takeover has left the country’s finances in limbo — with assets frozen, banks closed and crucial foreign aid stalled. 

There’s little faith that the hard-line Taliban will be able to turn things around. The Afghanistan Banks Association announced Monday on Facebook that the Taliban had appointed Haji Mohammad Idris as the acting governor of the central bank. 

Gul Maqsood Sabit, a former deputy finance minister, said he had never heard of Idris.

“Not at all,” said Sabit, who lives in California and works as a lecturer at a community college. “This person is someone who served on the Taliban Economic Commission. He was a teacher in a [religious school] in Pakistan, and that’s where he came…

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