Adopting old ways to make football safer | Ron Colone | Local news


In last week’s column, I made mention of what a big football fan I am and how much of it I’ve already watched in this young new season.

While I’ve been enjoying the games immensely, one thing that both disturbs and concerns me is the number of season-ending knee, ankle and Achilles tendon injuries that are occurring each and every week at the pro and college level.

One team I was watching in Week 1 of the season lost five starters for the whole year in the two-week period between their final preseason game and their first regular-season game, so they were done before they even got going. In another game later that same day, four other players sustained injuries that put them out for the entire 2021 season. I found myself shouting, “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” It’s never been this bad before.

Given the nature of the…

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