Activists seek political power months after the murder of George Floyd


He takes a long breath before growing emotional as he lists what he wishes he could apologize for: that Floyd’s life wasn’t valued, that an officer didn’t think enough to “take that knee off your neck.”

And then there is the deep pain as Carter speaks of Floyd’s daughter, and his three-year-old daughter Kyleigh.

“He’s not going to be here for his little girl,” Carter says, with tears rolling down his face. “That’s the part that hit me the hardest.”

Carter was one of many activists protesting in the wake of Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis at the hands of police. And now a year later, Floyd’s death is a big part of the reason why many activists are running for local office across the country.

Carter decided to run for mayor in Sandy Springs, Georgia, after he said he grew emotionally exhausted from attending what felt like unending protests for Black people killed during police encounters and other racists attacks.

“Everything that you’re fighting for you…

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