A wrong doctor from Canada cheated a Schonwald woman in love with him and stole her money


He tricked the woman into believing he was in love, the 69-year-old fell for false declarations of love by a con man. As reported by the police, the woman from Schönwald fell victim to a so-called “love scam” scam a few days ago.

The woman gained trust online in the alleged doctor from Canada, who appears to have been the victim of an attack in Syria. Even when he asked her for several thousand euros for help, she did not suspect at first. Since the woman could not raise the amount, she took out a loan.

A short time later, I questioned this decision when the man who pretended to be Axel Greg Vincent again asked for a cash payment. When she reported it to the police and found out she was the victim of a scam, her supposed happiness collapsed in one fell swoop. The money you initially transferred has already been transferred to a Lithuanian account. The requested second amount has not been transferred.


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