A Wine Rack on Rails? U.K. Businesses Seek Solutions to Shortages.


TILBURY, England — It is called the “wine train,” and every weekend it rumbles out of the port of Tilbury, east of London, on a 100-mile journey to a depot in central England. It looks pretty much like any other freight train, but it carries an unusual cargo: Almost 650,000 bottles of wine.

This 32-car, 1,600-foot-long traveling wine rack is the latest, and one of the more creative, answers to the supply shortages that have bedeviled Britain and caused the government to fret about disruptions to the Christmas holiday.

On Saturday night, in biting winds and rain, a small team of workers used giant machinery to lift heavy containers filled with wine into place before the latest departure. Working beneath floodlights, they carefully maneuvered cargo that had arrived by ship onto the train bound for a terminal in Daventry from where it will be distributed to some of the country’s leading supermarkets.

The wine train has been running from this busy…

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