A text with a surprise offer? Don’t click that link!


Everyone loves a deal – including scammers. 

Con artists often offer too-good-to-be-true discounts in the hope that price-conscious consumers will jump on these “deals” without doing their research. Recently, the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker has seen numerous reports of scammers impersonating well-known companies and offering discounts, some of which are COVID-19 themed.  

Here’s how the scam works: You receive a text message from a large, reputable company. The message claims that, because of the pandemic, the company would like to help people out by offering them an amazing deal. These range from free or discounted services to gift cards and cash.

For example, many consumers report receiving the following text messages using this ploy:

“COVID-19 REFUND. VERIZON COMPANY is giving out $950 to all users of our Verizon service, If yes kindly text your Verizon”

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