A New Era for Latino Politics in New York?


Carlina Rivera, second from left, is a favorite to be the next speaker of New York’s City Council.
Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photo: Rob Kim/GC Images

It’s a great mystery – and to some, a source of anger – that New York has never elected a Latino candidate to citywide or statewide office. In the next few weeks, we’ll discover whether New York’s Democratic leaders will help address the problem by coalescing around one of three Latino candidates for the potent position of City Council Speaker.

It’s been done before: Puerto Rican-born Melissa Mark-Viverito was elevated to Speaker in 2014 with help from newly-elected Mayor Bill de Blasio.  While it’s only the 51 members of the council who select the speaker, a wide range of special interests will help shape the…

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