A message from Chief Dominic Visconti to the residents of Lower Swatara Township:


Every year during the summer months, transitional gangs from out of the area make their way into Central Pennsylvania for brief periods of time to engage in criminal activity including but not limited to;  home improvement scams, distraction burglaries, confidence scheme thefts, and other crimes that target the elderly and anyone else they think they can deceive.  

Residents are encouraged to be alert for any suspicious activity in our community and to call 911 to report any so that our officers can respond to investigate.

Legitimate transient retail businesses are required to obtain a license from the Township to solicit our residents and to have in their possession this license when conducting business.

If approached by anyone conducting business in this manner, it is appropriate to ask them to produce this license and if they cannot do so you are encouraged to call 911.   

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