A Guide to the Twin Cities Housing Market, 2021


You’ve seen the headlines—the housing market is hot. And even if you have no desire or need to move, a healthy local real estate landscape is good news for all of us. 

We Twin Citians are proud of our bragging rights—good schools, noteworthy universities, an enviable health care system, excellent parks, endless bike trails, world-class museums, all the pro sports teams, even 10,000 lakes. And let’s not overlook the roster of Fortune 500s that call Minnesota home. 

The challenges of the last year have certainly put a strain on these attributes and also kept all of us closer to our physical homes than ever before. As a result, our homes are now busy hubs where we live, work, play, and relax. While we have an ongoing concern for what tomorrow holds, not only for the physical health of our neighbors but for the overall health and safety of our cities, we continue to be invested in living in our cities—urban, suburban, and…

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