A Canadian is fighting for change in Ukraine. So far, he’s losing.


Right up until the day the oligarch next door cut off his ability to sell his product, Michael Yurkovich was marvelling at how easy it was to do business in the new Ukraine.

Yurkovich is from Calgary. His family has been in oil for decades. But Yurkovich seeks investment opportunity in various energy markets and technologies. In Ukraine, his product is solar power. In the rolling grassy fields outside the central Ukrainian city of Nikopol, where Yurkovich’s company TIU Canada set up row on row of solar panels to launch a 10.5 megawatt energy station in early 2018, solar was clean, plentiful and renewable. And, crucially for a country whose faltering steps toward independence are forever hobbled by its dependence on oil and gas from Russia, solar energy comes from the sky with no messy geopolitical strings attached.

Two other TIU plants came online elsewhere in Ukraine soon after the Nikopol station. In total, Yurkovich and his…

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