8 arrested for suspected involvement in ‘Ponzi-like job scams’


The scammers also offered fake online jobs which required the job seekers to complete easy tasks such as making purchases with various e-commerce companies. 

In order to perform the job and earn a commission, the job seekers were directed to sign up for free membership accounts on websites provided by the scammers.

To boost the memberships, the platform provided additional rebates when the existing member recruited new members, and when a certain number of tasks were achieved by the existing member or the newly recruited members.

After signing up for the free membership, the job seekers would be asked to top up their account maintained on the platform before they could start performing the job to earn commissions. All top-up and withdrawal transactions were performed using cryptocurrency. 

“In most cases, the job seekers were convinced that it was a legitimate job as they would receive commissions and profit during the early stages of their…

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