61 Safety Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Read


Jay Thompson is a former brokerage owner who spent over six years working for Zillow Group. He retired in August 2018 but can’t seem to leave the real estate industry behind. His weekly Inman column publishes every Wednesday.

June is National Safety Month, so this seems like a good time to talk about agent safety. Of course, you should think about safety every month, every day, all the time — because nothing matters more than your well-being.

The headlines are all-too-frequently chocked full of horrific reports of agents being assaultedraped and murdered. Although the statistical odds of a horrible thing happening to you are low, the simple fact is you are a “lone worker,” and as such, you’re a target for the evil people in the world. 

What’s far more likely to happen than physical attack are things like slips and falls, car accidents, theft (including robbery, identity theft and wire fraud) and more, but…

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