5G, premium partnerships and politics: Oppo’s plans for charging out of China


Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has taken advantage of Apple and Huawei’s depressed performance in its backyard to become the fourth largest mobile manufacturer in the world. As part of our deep dive into all things Mobile, we explore whether it can hold that position – and if it can manage to break out of its core market.

Despite the economic twists and turns of the last 18 months, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has had a good run lately. Its Q1 sales accounted for an impressive 10% share of the global market, making it the fourth-largest smartphone brand in the world according to IDC and Canalys. Over the next year, it’s set to market its devices aggressively to consumers in the premium-affordable segment, across multiple markets.

“We have seen a major revival in the global market this quarter, with shipments growing a massive 25.5% year-on-year”, says Dylan Yu, its marketing director in Singapore.

Oppo’s flagship Find series launched its…

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