5 Ways Post-Pandemic Open Houses Will Look Different for the Real-Estate Market


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March 2020 marked a major shift in the way real estate is marketed and sold. As the world locked down for an indefinite period, house hunters found themselves locked out of prospective homes. Open houses became virtual, and companies like mine specializing in online marketing for real estate saw an uptick in business.

This was welcome news for some real-estate agents. Shuttered open houses meant spending more time with family and less time making small talk with nosy neighbors. For others, especially newer agents who rely on open houses as networking tools, this meant getting creative in finding prospective clients. Now, as restrictions are easing in some areas, the doors to open houses are slowly starting to unlock.

Here are five ways open houses will be different in a post-pandemic world.

1. Seller decision

More than ever before, the seller is now in the driver’s seat….

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