5 scams making the rounds right now you should know about


Another day, another scam. Or should we say scams? There seems to be no end to discovering crooked schemes that use every means imaginable to trick people out of their information, data and finances.

Everyone’s received text messages from unknown numbers. Sometimes it’s a service or business you use that isn’t in your contacts. It could be your food delivery app letting you know that your grub is on the way. It could also be the first step in a scam. Tap or click here to learn how the scheme works and how to keep from falling victim to it.

While it’s impossible to describe every scam out there, we can give you a heads up about five current ones that you should watch for. We’ll give you an overview of how to spot and avoid them.

1. Squid Game malware

“Squid Game” is Netflix’s most-watched show, and scammers are taking advantage of its popularity. The crooks are sending emails promoting a sneak peek at season two…

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