3 Reasons Why the Housing Market Is in a Different Place Than 2008

  • According to Redfin, 77% of participants in the housing market believe there’s a bubble.
  • Rising mortgage rates are spooking buyers and sellers.Β 
  • But for some experts, there are crucial factors that differentiate today from the mid-2000s.

Comparisons between today’s housing market and that of the mid-2000s, when home prices crashed and millions of Americans lost their houses, are springing up. A January Redfin survey showed 77% of participants in the US housing market believe there’s a bubble.

That’s because many of the ingredients of overextension in the market appear to be present.

There’s a frenzy feeling in the market right now. Even if not every prospective buyer is offering to name their first-born child after the seller, ask anyone who’s tried to buy a house over the last couple of years about the competition they faced in the…

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