3 lessons from Finland on transitioning to a circular economy

  • A circular transition is needed to tackle a host of crises, from resource scarcity to biodiversity loss and climate change.
  • A circularity roadmap outlines the steps that must be taken to transition away from a linear ‘make-take-waste’ model to one that protects resources.
  • Finland’s example shows the right roadmap can kickstart systems-wide change.

In 2016, under the leadership of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finland was the first country in the world to prepare a national circular economy roadmap. This roadmap provided a plan to move the country away from a ‘make-take-waste’ linear economy model to one that protects resources and eliminates waste along value chains.

The roadmap has proven a strong tool in starting a circular change and creating a strong commitment throughout the Finnish society. Thanks to the roadmap, the country could take clear steps for a circular transition and compile…

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