3 Easy Tips to Stay Safe


In the classic musical production The Music Man, con man Harold Hill frightens a town’s folks into believing that they’ve got “trouble, right here in River City!” Once he has them quaking in their boots, he’s right there with a solution—for a price. Grifters and con men show up everywhere, including the world of technology. While it doesn’t come with brass band accompaniment, a big popup announcing that your computer is dangerously infected can certainly cause consternation. Right behind the scare comes the solution; just pay a fee and the “helpful” antivirus will clean up all the dangers it found. Many users fall for these scams and wind up paying good money for software that just pretends to clean up imaginary threats, or that actively installs malware. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t get scammed by scareware.

Don’t Buy It!

Scareware is a growing problem and it’s your fault. Well, maybe not you,…

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