3 Brokers Share 7 Tips For Guiding New Real Estate Agents


New to the industry? Get started with everything you need to know about the early decisions that’ll shape your career, including choosing a brokerage, learning your market, creating an online presence, budgeting, getting leads, marketing listings and more. If you’re a team leader or broker-owner, New Agent Month will be jam-packed with resources to help your new hires navigate.

Rising unemployment rates and post-lockdown housing boom encouraged nearly 80,000 professionals to join the real estate industry in 2020. Although the market is still riding high, new real estate agents are realizing the road to success is more difficult than slapping up a ‘For Sale’ sign and waiting for buyers to pour in.

“It’s definitely a big misconception that you’re just gonna walk on into real estate and just make oodles of cash,” Century 21 Top Sail broker Shelley Andrade told Inman. “It’s definitely an investment in time and…

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