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Recently, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo asked the Nigerian youths to contest for elective positions in the 2023 elections if they want to assume power. Equally, former senate president, Bukola Saraki, also asked Nigerian youths to participate in the 2023 general election, Saraki said the youths have the numbers. These are timely calls. However, is the Nigerian political leadership ready to share power with young Nigerians?

There are over 84 million registered voters in Nigeria. The Nigerian youths aged 18-40 constitute more than 60 percent of the registered voters. This is an indication that the Nigerian youths have the power to change the direction of Nigeria, even if the political leadership is not ready to share power with them. Nevertheless, the youths still need the political leaders, and as Osinbajo said, power is never given on a platter.

In his New Year address to Nigerians on January 1, 2021, President…

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