18 arrested in part-time jobs, fake investment scam


Mumbai: The Cyber Crime Police (North) have arrested at least 18 people in connection with online fraud where they scammed people in the name of online part-time jobs and offered fake investment deals. As per the police, the accused siphoned Rs. 34.14 lakhs through this scheme.

The matter surfaced with a retired BMC engineer approaching the police alerting them about an alleged scam that he fell prey to. As per his statement, he was approached in the name of an “easy” part-time job that will give him an incredible amount of money in return. He was also provided documents with legal authentication from the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), a government-authorized body, via WhatsApp.

As per the police, the accused had created fake bank accounts which they asked the victims to transfer money into. During the technical investigation, these fake bank accounts were found traced to Bhayandar and Mira Road area. While…

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