12 Ways to Invest As the US Avoids Stagflation: Federated Hermes

  • The risk of stagflation — a stagnating economy and rampant inflation — is rising.
  • But Federated Hermes strategist Linda Duessel outlined seven reasons why it won’t happen.
  • Here are 12 ways to invest in the stock market as the US economy stays on track.

The 1970s bring back fond memories for Linda Duessel. The senior equity strategist at Federated Hermes, which manages $669 billion in assets, was still in high school and college back when bell-bottoms and vinyl records were in vogue. To Duessel, the decade was a joyful one.

But the ’70s are memorable in a very different way for many investors, Duessel remarked in a March 24 note. The US economy and stock market hit a rough patch as war raged in Vietnam, oil embargoes caused inflation to spike, growth stalled, and the nation went through two recessions.

It’s not difficult to see the…

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