10 Talks Acadiana: Eye on Scams for May 2021 (PODCAST)


In this ‘Eye on Scams’ podcast, News 10 Anchor Sylvia Masters talks with the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana’s Chris Babin, about scams targeting people in the Acadiana area. 

College and high school students who hire online “tutors” to complete their class assignments are finding themselves the victims of extortion cons.

The BBB has received reports about scam tutors who make money by threatening to report cheating students. The scam works by taking advantage of students struggling in classes. Some students search online for “tutors” who will actually do the work for the struggling student. Victims report paying a couple hundred dollars for “help” with assignments for math and technology classes– As soon as you pay up, things don’t go as you expect. Instead of helping you complete your homework, the company instead demands more money. They may claim it’s for “additional research” or make other…

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