10 Million Android Users Have Been Charged Hundreds in New Scam


Most smartphone users are aware of the risks that come from downloading or clicking on something whose origins aren’t quite clear. But the latest scam, which has been brewing since the end of 2020, may even fool the most tech-savvy among us. Hackers are targeting the 2.5 billion Android users around the world and have already managed to scam millions of them out of hundreds of dollars on their phone bills by having them click on an enticing, seemingly innocuous message. Read on to find out what to avoid saying “yes” to in order to make sure you don’t fall victim to this new scam.

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Hackers recently launched a major scamming campaign using the Google Play Store, mobile security company Zimperium reported on Sept. 29. According to the company, scammers looking to steal from Android users created more than 200…

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