$10.4 Million business building boasts new technology, collaboration spaces


“It’s a unifying physical area that allows the community of business students and their alumni to have a place that they can mark as their own,” said Kirby Brown, dean of the College of Management and School of Business at Park University.

Before the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center opened, business school faculty and students faced challenges because classrooms and faculty offices were spread out between at least four different buildings. Now, all the offices and classrooms for the business school are located in a central location, said Brown.

This central location unifies those who are involved with the school, including students, alumni, faculty and staff.

With this unification, some students report feeling a stronger connection to their school. Plus, this new building gives these students additional learning opportunities that they would not have had access to previously.

“Everything’s brand new and up to date. There’s a lot of…

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